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• are the best value

• are on a rolling subscription basis

• include group exercise classes, (including pilates) & hours in the gym.

• can be managed yourself online.

• don’t have a contract.

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FAQs for Teens

We are so excited to be allowing teens to join us at Solace to get healthy in mind and body!

Our classes are run in partnership with Adam and Ellie from AE Sports Performance, as part of the Youth Athlete Training Programme.


Lastly, our staff members are always on hand if you need help, but firstly, lets look at some FAQs.

  1. What is the minimum age for the teen membership? Our members can join us from the age of 15.

  2. Do I need an adults consent? Yes you do. We also require an adult/someone over 18 to be with you on site while you work out.

  3. Does my over 18 need to be member of the gym? No, there is a seating area in the cafe. However, if they want to use the gym they need to book a session for themselves or they can sign up for a membership.

  4. Can you suggest a workout for me? Yes of course we can!

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