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Rage Knight Mod APK: One Hit Kill and Unlimited Turns in Knighthood RPG

Create your own character, explore the fantastical world of Astellan and customize your Knight with epic new gear. In this medieval chaos, your battle rage is your strongest weapon!Power up your gauntlet and earn the loyalty from your companions as you battle monsters and bosses become the foremost Knight in the world of Astellan. As a new member of the ancient order of Rage Knights, you must help tame the chaos of the lands and progress through a series of trials to fully harness the power of your Gauntlet.Knight's Rage tailors the RPG experience to your mobile device and lifestyle. Explore towns and dungeons, while engaging a world full of monsters in one-handed, gesture driven combat. - Create and grow your own unique Knight- Grow your legend through gesture driven, turn-based combat - Collect ancient heroes to fight at your side- Explore the world of Astellan to discover new challenges and lost treasures- Loot weapons and armour to customize your KnightBy downloading this app on your mobile you are agreeing to our terms of service; You must be connected to the Internet to access the game

rage knight mod apk


Knighthood MOD APK allows players to role-play as a knight with extraordinary strength. The world is in need of your help when the forces of darkness are getting stronger and stronger. Your mission is to control your knight guy against every monster and traitor knight on the way. The large-scale purification is about to begin.

Knighthood brings players to the world of heroic warriors. All possess outstanding power with the task of protecting the peace of all mankind. But things have gradually changed, many knights have betrayed this world through cooperation with the dark forces. The main goal of the player is to adventure through many different lands and destroy all threats to the world.

It could be giant creatures or even treacherous knights. In addition, the publisher Midoki Roleplaying Games has simplified the fighting method to make this game more suitable for more players. Are you ready to explore the magical world full of monsters and powerful enemies? Join this game by downloading it at Google Play or the APK link below.

Joining Knighthood, players will immediately become raging knights with a mission to protect the world. To become a true knight, you need to prove your strength by defeating evil villains that appear everywhere. First, you need to customize the character as you like through the available customization system.

Create a team and become the best knight in Knighthood right now. This game offers a lot of interesting content along with allowing players to freely choose their own fighting style. If you want to increase your winning rate, you can download our MOD version right now.

1. Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage & phone permissions in the app settings first Go to Setting => App manager => Find game => Click it to enable NOTE: VIP MEMBER Then enable the storage & phone permissions. Play game but get crash. PLEASE COPY blackmod.license files AND PUT IT IN -> Internal memory/Android/obb/com.king.knightsrage If your phone have no com.king.knightsrage folder. U can create new folder and change name it to com.king.knightsrage

Inspired by the temple knights in history. Knighthood will take you into a world of warriors. All were knights of the Order of Wrath in a faraway land. Your mission is to fight against those who go against the faith of the guild. Many monsters are everywhere in this land. Even treacherous knights will be your hunted targets. Take part in this largest-scale cleansing ever.

This long journey requires a lot of important baggage. Including the knights on your team, many other key items, and weapons. As mentioned, each warrior has a different strength, skills, and stats. It is necessary to create a smart squad to create a connection in the gameplay. The most effective moves and combos to damage enemies. Even when the limit is reached. Can unlock more special ultimate skills that deal great damage or effects. Along with a lot of items and equipment suitable for each warrior. Mainly collect it in various lands. Create invincible power over the logic and arrangement of the commander.

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In Knighthood, one starts off as a rage knight, who is born to fight as well as conquer others in some fearsome battles. You will be battling your friends as well as your enemies on the course of this game. Everyone lives in a fantasy world here. There are many monsters and different mighty enemies to battle on the course of this game. Your aim is to become one of the most feared knights of the land and earn fame in the Order of Rage. There are different activities that you need to undertake in this role-playing game to achieve your goals. Knighthood mod apk for Android and iOS represents the faceoff between the nights to battle and conquer. Get Unlimited Gold resources and unlock all the heroes in the game.

The different rage knights are literal heroes to the people who defended this world. The knights are now under the influence of the evil Lord Karnon. They have become corrupted by the dark powers. You are a Rage Knight now and need to explore the fantasy laced world of the RPG. There are many epic monsters you need to battle as well as raise the sword against some of the rage knights. You need to create a legend of your own within the order.

You need to start with this game and firstly create a knight for yourself. Your adventure starts at Midoki. This is the entry point to the world of fantasy within this game. Players are seen to follow the very famous Sir Edward Drakeson through this game. One needs to finally battle him in order to prove his worth within this game and of course in the Order of the Rage. You need to get hold of the gauntlet to get ahead. In knighthood mod, this is a really powerful relic and symbolizes the Order of Rage. You actually begin your adventure in Astellan, which can be termed as the edge of the world of fantasy. Play our latest Romancing SaGa Re Mod.

The character that the gamer takes up within this game, helps him to earn fame as well as different riches. There are certain legendary items that games can collect and strengthen the knight further. This is a brand new RPG game, here you will be recruiting as well as upgrading the different ancient heroes to improve your overall powers in battles. You can summon the rage, in order to bring out the unique abilities of the hero on the course of any fight.

Players need to really engage in tough fights in order to secure a passage to the top. In knighthood mod, one needs to level up the knights and battle the goblins. There are many other beasts as well as undead creatures that one encounters on the course of this game. These creatures make their appearance more frequently as you delve deeper into the world of fantasy and mystery. The combat game is completely gesture-driven. You need to make use of the best RPG tactics in order to win the battles. If one wins these battles regularly, then there is a chance for that gamer to become a real legend.

As a player, you need to really master your combat skills in the RPG game of Knighthood mod. Your mastery needs to be such, that you are able to create a near-perfect combo of attacks and switch between weapons effortlessly. There are other powers that can be used as weapons such as the gauntlet as well as the Hero powers. A player needs to defeat the other fellow knights and become a hero of the player vs player area. There are plenty of new things that you get to learn in the course of this game.

The kind of style that the knight will show off completely depends on the player. Here you can really create a great mix of style as well as power, on part of the knight. This will make you really stand out in the crowd. With the help of customizations, you can show off the knight to your friends as well as foes. There are many gears that you can collect from here and climb the leaderboards subsequently. In knighthood mod, players fight in style and emerge as the winner.

A player needs to become a part of a guild in order to hone his or her RPG skills. There are many titans among the guild bosses as well as your fellow knights who can pose a tough time for you. You can always rally with your friends and develop a really strong fellowship, a guild that everyone else will look up to. Players also have the option of chatting with the guild members in real-time and develop a really strong fellowship. The skills, as well as bonds between the players, will thereby increase. One can really leave behind a legacy and bring glory to the Order of the Rage.

Tons of car Models: This war game contains 13+ car models with better unique specifications and attacks enemies in this twisted battle rage game. There are so many mini-games and battles available in this game.

Knighthood is an RPG game offered by Midoki Roleplaying Games. It has hundreds of thousands of downloads on mobile devices. Check more info on this game in this article. Knighthood lets you start journey of a Knight where you have to become a legends by defeating enemies. Here, you can customize your knight, join guilds, win treasure, and much more.

The story of Knighthood starts when you choose your character and starts the journey of becoming a knight. An old man (Legendary Sir Edward Drakeson) wants to train you and gives you many goals, like killing a mighty wild animal and a goblin in your first task. Without any sweat, you defeat them.

For those of you who are interested, you can now create or join any existing guilds in Knighthood, which will introduce you to exciting online gameplay. Here, gamers can join other knights in their epic quests to become the hero of the PvP stadiums

Inspired by the temple knights in history. Knighthood will take you into the world of warriors. All were knights of the Order of Wrath in a faraway land. Your mission is to fight against those who go against the faith of the guild. Many monsters are everywhere in this land. Even dangerous knights will be your hunted targets. Take part in the largest scale purge ever.


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