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At Solace Gym, we have lots on for toddlers, children and teens and this is for a couple of

very important reasons. Article by Louise, co-owner of Solace Gym.

As a child and teenager, I often felt very uncomfortable and unhappy in my own skin and

was always far too shy and self conscious to work out in front of people that I thought were

very fit and knew what they were doing so barely ever set foot in a gym or worked out with

other people. This carried on for me well into my 20s and early 30s as it was a pattern I'd set for myself. As a result my health and fitness levels were far below what they should be

and I battled with body image for many years. I also had a lot of trouble sticking to anything

consistently and forming good habits, made worse by not wanting to exercise with others,

which led to a lifelong battle with my yo-yo-ing weight and self esteem.

A huge part of what we are doing with Solace is getting people comfortable within a gym

environment and that starts at any age, the earlier the better in our opinion! It is also a brilliant opportunity for them to see a wide range of body types and people embracing fitness at any age and ability level. With HIIT style classes just for teens, weight lifting for beginners classes to show them the correct stances

and holds (for when they inevitably give it a go in their bedrooms unsupported!) and the

opportunity to work out alongside their parents, our teen membership is for 11-15s. At just

£20 per month on a rolling subscription basis (no contract, no joining fee!) we feel like it’s a

perfect investment in your young person, especially with the school summer holidays

looming and the battle with inactivity beginning! Sign up for the teen membership here.

But we start even younger than that! Our soft play sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday

morning between 10:15 and 11:30am are the perfect way to meet other mums, dads and

grandparents in a relaxed environment. We have an inflatable ball pit, mini bouncy castle, soft play blocks and ride ons, a baby zone, train tracks and books in the cafe for anyone that needs a quieter chill out zone. The motivation behind these is slightly different

though, it has the added bonus of getting very little ones comfortable in the gym but for me,

a big part of these sessions is for the caregivers. As a new mum, I suffered from postnatal

depression and found it very difficult to feel comfortable at baby and toddler groups,

especially being new to Cheltenham. My son was very active and had a lot of energy to burn

and I’d have loved somewhere to go where I could let him burn off some much needed

steam and meet others in a relaxed and friendly environment so that's just what we've created!

Book soft play sessions here.

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Join us for our ‘Fall In Love with Fitness’ 6 week challenge. Difference is, the challenge is ours!

We want you to fall in love with fitness and carry on long after the 6 weeks and into the rest of your life.

What you get:

  • UNLIMITED access to ALL of the classes on our timetable.

  • Confidence builder Gym Induction and UNLIMITED Gym Sessions.

  • Nutrition Advice

  • FREE goal setting workbook.

  • Weekly check ins to keep you on track.

  • Facebook and WhatsApp group support.

  • Continued support and gentle encouragement throughout your time with us.

  • Boosted confidence in a fitness setting.

  • Places are LIMITED so sign up below fast! We don’t want you to miss out!

Challenge starts 03/01/2023. Sign up now for our exclusive early bird offer of £147!

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Our group exercise class numbers have been growing by the day at Solace Gym, Cheltenham and to say it's making us unbelievably happy is the understatement of the century!

Seven members of Solace Gym, Leckhampton, Cheltenham posing in front of the Solace Gym wall mural after a group exercise class, some standing, some kneeling. All are happy.

When we set Solace up, our mission was to build a community, to make exercise fun and create a safe space where everyone feels they can come to work out, regardless of what kit they have or how fit they are. Somewhere where like minded individuals join together to support and encourage each other through the tough bits of classes and that's exactly what is happening.

Six members of Solace Gym, Leckhampton, Cheltenham are standing against the wall smiling after taking part in a group exercise class. All are wearing a variety of exercise clothing.

Seeing the tentative friendships forming, the genuine pleasure people have when they see each other, the way our regulars have gone from greeting each other shyly at the start of classes to asking about holidays and discussing their lives is so lovely.

Six members of Solace Gym in Leckhampton, Cheltenham are all in a plank position with their hands on the ground holding their bodies in a straight line down to their feet. One member is looking at the camera and smiling and the others are all facing the ground.

We definitely have more popular classes, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15am are always busy. 6.30pm on Wednesday is consistently very well attended. Our 9.10am classes are picking up every day and our new 30 minute 'body blaster, low sweat' classes on a Tuesday and Thursday at 12.15pm are proving popular already. Lizzy is seeing a steady climb in her pilates class on Monday at 9am, with members saying they are the perfect way to stretch off after our strength training classes.

A montage of photos from the group exercise classes held at Solace Gym, Cheltenham, some photos depict members taking part in exercises and one is everyone posing with outstretched arms and big smiles.

Coming at the start of November on Saturdays at 10.10am we have dance aerobics with Chloe starting which is generating a lot of excitement as Chloe is very well known across Cheltenham for her super fun, friendly and high energy classes. Find out more and book classes here, and don't forget you can use the code 'tryus22' to get your first class totally free!

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